You might call him, "The King of the Country Roads". I'm talking about my friend Mark Krumvieda, who operates heavy machinery. He spends his days maintaining the county roads.

Mark operates a big road grader, the one pictured here in this story. In the Summer, he keeps the roads smooth and level to give the country folks a safe surface to travel on.

In the Winter, you know his mission out there. It's plowing the snow off the roads so people can travel at all. Next time you have to plow your driveway, think of this guy. He has a little more ground to cover.

But knowing Mark and the kind of equipment he runs, he's doing it all in complete comfort. He's probably sitting on a seat similar to living room furniture, complete temperature control, and who knows, maybe a TV.

Mark says that the snow out in the country is getting pretty deep. He shared some photos:

Mark Krumvieda
Mark Krumvieda