It's not always easy to do the right thing.  But PAve is literally paving the way and setting an example they hope other bars will soon follow.

The nightlife hot-spot in Downtown Sioux Falls announced on Wednesday evening through their Facebook page that they were closing their doors for the next 14 days.  This decision is a response to the CDC's quarantine recommendation and social distancing practices during the COVID-19 outbreak.  PAve's reasoning behind this tough decision comes from a place of love.

In a heartfelt message, PAve explains the message behind the "I Love You" sign on its rooftop patio.   It's the primary reason why they decided to take action.  "We love our community. We love our customers. And most of all, we love our staff, our families and Sioux Falls.  So because we love you, we want to do our part in helping everyone stay as safe and healthy as possible," states their Facebook post.

Other popular bars in the downtown area, like Wileys, are starting to limit their hours as concerns for COVID-19 grow.

In a post on their Facebook page on Tuesday, Wileys will be taking extra precautions and measures in order to keep everyone safe.  Wileys will continue to update the community as more guidelines become available from the CDC.

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