Former The Voice contestant Dustin Christensen has penned a hilarious parody country song titled "Parked Out by the Lake." But what started out as a joke is developing into a viral hit.

Christensen even caught the attention of top country radio deejay Bobby Bones with his humorous song, released under the stage name Dean Summerwind. Jake Owen texted Bones to alert him to the song, which is now sitting at No. 10 on the iTunes country chart thanks to a couple of spins on air and making rounds online.

Give it a listen, it will remind you of many songs you hear on the FM dial.

"Parked Out by the Lake" starts off reminiscent of a typical country hit, but turns into so much more. "I'm still parked out by the lake / 80 miles from Sante Fe / And I'm sitting here just parked out by the lake / If you're wondering where I'm parked / I'm out parked by the lake," Christensen — err, Summerwind — sings like a true country crooner.

"A buddy of mine and I we goof around a lot in the studio when we're making records. We always had this thing that you could just take the first line of any song and try to re-sing it in as many different ways as possible for the whole song and we would just do it on the fly," Christensen explains of how "Parked Out by the Lake" came to be"After I was making the record, I would go in the vocal booth and just sing one take down of whatever came out of my mouth and then we would just sing three part harmony to it and that's what happened."

He never intended to share it with anybody, but ended up sending the link to the track to some friends. The song made its way around, and Christensen discovered that it had racked up thousands of hits in a matter of days on Soundcloud. "Honestly, I didn't think anybody would even think it was funny, it was just funny when we were in the studio," he says.

Christensen competed on Season 9 of The Voice and has had cuts by Dustin Lynch and Frankie Ballard — he co-wrote "Love Me or Leave Me Alone" on Lynch's Current Mood album and "You Could've Loved Me" on Ballard's El Rio. "Parked Out by the Lake" could be Christensen's first hit tied to his voice.

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