Things are not looking up for this guy.

A man who tried to break into an elementary school in Tucson, Ariz. got the instant karma he deserved when he wound up hanging upside down on a fence with his pants around his legs.

Here's how it all literally went down: a locksmith on the grounds of the Miles-Exploratory Learning Center saw a man trying to get into a few rooms last week. When he realized he had been discovered, the man hightailed off school property and hopped the fence.

Small problem: his pants got stuck and he ended up looking like a slab of meat in a freezer by hanging upside down, with the added humiliation of his pants being around his ankles and underwear showing for the world to see.

And we do mean the world because his bad luck got worse when someone just so happened to be walking by and took a photo. That'll teach you not to try and break into an elementary school, which is all sorts of weird to begin with, right?

The man was arrested, although police say they don't have a record of the incident, which is odd because you'd think this would be one of the more memorable crimes they came across in the last week. Or year, whichever.

Sad thing is this is actually the second most embarrassing crime involving a fence this month, so he should at least take some solace knowing that he wasn't caught in an even more compromising position.

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