Have you ever taken a crack at an arcade claw machine? Come on, everybody has at least once! They sure have some nice stuff in there. And for as talented as I am am, I should have no problem latching on to that cool thing right there. Wait, it got away!

This is where I start yelling at the machine. But, another young man took a different approach. He went inside to get it.

A young boy who really wanted to get a stuffed toy from a claw-style vending machine at a Florida restaurant ended up getting stuck inside the game machine on Wednesday (February 7).

"This evening, little Mason was enjoying some food and decided he wanted a stuffed animal," the rescue agency said. "He wanted it so bad, he climbed into the game to get that toy!!"

Mason was in the machine for about 5 minutes, and happily sat on top of the toys while firefighters worked to get him out. They did give him the stuffed animal, after it was all over.

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