A couple of weeks ago, I was surfing the internet and found a video of Pearl Cantrell who recently reached the golden age of 105 years old.  She credits bacon with her longevity

I wrote a very short blurb about it ["Is Bacon A Miracle Food?"] and posted it to this website along with a video about Pearl's story.  Sadly, the video is no longer available. You can still find the link to the original story below.

However, the great folks at Oscar Mayer caught wind of Pearl crediting bacon for her long life and they sent their famous Wienermobile to give her a visit in Richland Springs, Texas!

Oscar Mayer in their press release said, "When folks at Oscar Mayer heard that Pearl Cantrell of Richland Springs, Texas credited much of her exceptional lifetime to her love of bacon, they knew they had to meet her. What's more, the brand wanted to recognize a fan that loves bacon as much as they do, and what better way to do so than gathering around an American icon that's been bringing smiles for decades?"

On Monday, the Wienermobile took a very special detour from its regular route to visit Pearl and offer rides around town to her as well as her family and friends.

Oscar Mayer also made sure Pearl had some of their famously delicious bacon!


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