While we are out enjoying the mild weather the above normal temperatures in the Dakotas have been troublesome for ice fishing enthusiasts.

The feds are warning people in the Dakotas to watch out for quickly changing ice conditions on all lakes and rivers in the states.

According to the The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation winter snowpack is melting due to warmer than normal temps. Also, increasing water flows under the ice is making ice measurements vary.  In other words, that hold you augured at 7" may be much thinner only feet away.

A man from Gwinner, North Dakota posted on Facebook that he is lucky to be alive after his truck broke through the ice at only 4". The next day, another truck fell through in the same slough.

According to the Associated Press via the Sioux City Journal, the Dakotas Area Office manager David Rosenkrance says the changing water elevations and increased runoff create thin ice that makes rivers and lakes unsafe and will change the ice conditions with no warning.

frozen fish sticks

For now, until the weather cools down a bit, a box of frozen fish sticks may be the safest way to go.

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