Is there anything better than being out on the lake waiting for that big one to strike?

As a wise old philosopher once said "The worst day of fishing is better than the best day at work". And some of the best fishing in the country is right here in South Dakota.

It might be a secret little spot that you and only you know about. Or it might be where the masses gather on one of the biggest lakes in the entire state!

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Speaking of which, since you've been an angler in South Dakota just about your whole life, you know all the lakes like the back of your hand, right? Can you name the ten biggest lakes in the state?

Well, according to, the Top 10 as far as size are:

10. Belle Fourche Reservoir

9.  Bitter Lake (South of Waubay in Northeast South Dakota)

8.  Lake Traverse (Northeast South Dakota, think the Sisseton area)

7.  Big Stone Lake (Again, up in Northeast South Dakota)

6.  Waubay Lake (Yep, up in the Northeast)

5.  Lake Thompson (Kingsbury County, and while it's fifth in size, did you know it's the largest natural lake in the country?)

4.  Lewis and Clark Lake (South Dakota's fourth largest lake is also a reservoir, located on the state's border with Nebraska by the Gavin's Point Dam)

3.  Lake Sharpe (It's formed by the Big Bend Dam on the Missouri River)

2.  Lake Francis Case (In south central South Dakota, it covers parts of five counties)

1.  Lake Oahe (Of course it's South Dakota's biggest lake and did you know it's also the country's fourth largest reservoir? It has 51 recreation areas for visitors)

So how many did you get out of the ten?

Whether is one of these big ones, or that small out-of-the-way body of water that you've discovered, happy fishing and bring home the big one!

My Top 5 Favorite South Dakota Made Foods

As I was slicing a piece of cheese off my block of Dimock Dairy Colby cheese and boiling a ring of Bluebird Locker German sausage on the stove, I started thinking, "What foods is South Dakota known for?'

Then I realized the state is known for some of my favorite foods, are they're actually made right here in South Dakota!

So, I decided to search my cupboards and refrigerator looking for other South Dakota-made foods and came up with my Top 5.

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