It seems like just about everybody is climbing on board the environmental safety train these days, and the latest passenger could be Walmart.

Some Walmart stores in the Colorado Springs area are already starting to climb on board. Television station KKTV in Colorado reports that select Walmarts in the state have begun to kick single-use plastic bags to the curb on Thursday (September 15).

The official word out of Walmart is the company has been exploring alternatives to single-use plastic bags in their stores since 2021. The corporation cites customer convenience and product safety as two of the primary reasons.

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The story from KKTV states that Walmart has already been transitioning from single-use plastic bags in states like Vermont, Maine, and New Jersey. The state of Colorado is next on Walmarts plastic bag elimination hit list beginning in early 2023.

Could South Dakota Walmarts be next?

Not likely. But you know eventually, our time is probably coming. Once they start implementing test market plans like this, sooner or later they plan to roll it out everywhere.

So when it finally does hit South Dakota, the question becomes what am I gonna use for trash liners in all my mini-trash cans? Or better yet, what am I going to start using for poop bags when I need to pick up dog droppings in my backyard? Looks like I'll finally have to pony up and start buying rolls of those doggie doo doo bags.

You're probably asking yourself, okay, if Walmart eventually plans to do away with single-use plastic bags in their stores, what are we supposed to use now?

In the states where plastic bags have already or are about to be phased out, Walmart is encouraging its customers to bring their own reusable bags.

What happens if you forget to bring your own bags?

Not to worry, Walmart has you covered. They will be selling reusable bags right there in the checkout lane at different price points. That's convenient, right?

Some might view the move as being inconvenient, while others will celebrate it as being good for the planet.

Regardless of what camp you find yourself in, get ready the Walmart environmental safety train could be heading down the track to your state soon.

Looks like you better add reusable shopping bags to your Christmas wish list.


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