I can remember when our boys were young. For fathers day during the early years you might have received a turkey, colored by the kids.  You know the kind you trace around your hand and then color in.

Later in life, when they got a little older, maybe it was a tie or a polo shirt.

Thursday night my son Logan, (22) brought me a fathers day gift.  It's a bottle of Blue Chair Bay. It's the Kenny Chesney Rum. I'd been looking around. In fact I had asked about it at HyVee Liquor a couple of times. At the time, they didn't have it.

Seems they picked it up. Cause Thursday night Logan picked up a bottle of it for my birthday and fathers day.

I asked him why he gave it to me early. He said, 'I thought you might want to enjoy some of it before then.

Well played Logan. Well played.

Pic by JD Collins-KIKN-FM/Sprint Sioux Falls
Pic by JD Collins-KIKN-FM/Sprint Sioux Falls



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