Have you ever seen a sunken house like this? I've seen a few in my travels, but none that look as nice as this one.

This "sunken home" is located in the self-proclaimed "world's pheasant capital", Doland, South Dakota. At only 864 square feet, you would feel cozy in this home. It does manage to squeeze two bedrooms and a bathroom into the small space. The kitchen has plenty of cabinets and is surprisingly large for a home of this size. The home also features a full-sized washer and dryer.

The listing agent says the windows were updated in 2015. The electric panel was updated and new sheetrock was hung in the kitchen and living room. All of that is good news for the new owners considering the home was built in 1947.

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The outside overhanging electric lines were buried, giving the outside a cleaner appearance. Because paint and siding in a unique home like this would be boring, the exterior features a log home look with a forest green roof and door. Nice touch. I would probably add a couple of skylights, but otherwise, it looks move-in ready.

I've lived in a couple of basement-level apartments and they do seem to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, thanks to the insulation gained from being buried 6 feet in the ground. This home probably enjoys a similar benefit.

Sunken Home


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