Go anywhere in the state of South Dakota and you'll likely hear some interesting and unique last names.

That being said, you'll also find some of the same almost everywhere you go. But what are the most common last names in the Mount Rushmore State? Here's a list of the top ten.

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According to Forebears, here are the 10 most common surnames in South Dakota:

10: Hanson: Nationally, "Hanson" is way down the list (#242), but here in the Mount Rushmore State, over 2,500 have this surname.

9: Jensen: Nearly 3,000 South Dakotans have this last name.

8: Larson: This is a fairly common last name here in South Dakota, but nationwide it is a blip on the radar, coming in at 213.

7: Peterson: Nearly 4,000 South Dakotans have this last name. Nationally it comes in at number 59.

6: Miller: This is one last name where the national and state rankings are very similar, as "Miller" ranks 7 in the country.

5: Olson: Olson Ranks 135 nationally, but over 4,000 South Dakotans have this as a last name.

4: Smith: With nearly 5,000 South Dakotans using this last name, it's fairly common. But nationwide, it's takes the top spot.

3: Nelson: While Nelson is one of the top last names in South Dakota, it slips a bit when you look at its nationwide ranking, coming in at 38.

2: Anderson: Over 6,000 South Dakotans have this last name and it ranks at number 8 nationwide.

1: Johnson: Over 9,500 South Dakotans have this last name and it's the second most popular in the U.S.


Neighboring states have similar results. Smith, Williams, and Johnson are the top three in the state of Iowa. In Minnesota, Johnson once again takes the top spot, followed by Anderson and Nelson. The top 3 in North Dakota are Johnson, Anderson, and Olson. And in the Cornhusker State, the 3 most common names are Johnson, Smith, and Miller.

For the full list of every state, see the article at Forebears


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