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I'm sure that local weather reporters are rolling their eyes here in Sioux Falls. Frankie McDonald, the internet sensation out of Canada is at it again. This time he's predicting a major snowstorm for South Dakota. This weekend.

Frankie is quite the personality. Sometimes I listen to his 'interesting forecasts when I see an area is expecting a strong weather pattern through the area. I especially love it when the storms are severe and Frankie goes down the list of things you should do. Like, make sure you get to the store. Buy your milk, buy your bread.

If you've never heard of Frankie, here's what he's saying about the weather for this weekend.

I don't know about you, but the guy brings me a certain amount of joy. In a world of politics and COVID, the guy is a break in the action. He makes me smile. The thing about Frankie, he's not just a weathercaster. He's a comedian and an authentic 'joy' to watch.

So, we'll buy our milk, and buy our bread and get our snowblowers gassed up. Heck, we don't even have our yards raked, and we have what looks like a good chance of getting them covered up with snow. Hopefully not for the year.

I was first turned on to this forecasting genius in 2013. Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel has nothing on this guy. In this video, Frankie is walking, carrying an umbrella, and warning of a storm coming to South Dakota.

I like the guy. I love his passion and zest for life. If you need another break, check out the video.

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