Although guests at the Oasis Inn of Oacoma suspected a lightning strike at Midnight on Monday morning May 30, 2016 to be the cause of the hotel fire, the State Fire Marshall has indicated the fire was caused by something else.

A failure of an exhaust fan motor is now believed to have triggered the blase, which was noticed around 2:00 AM Memorial Day.

Fishing guide Gary Cleland of the Chamberlain area heard about the fire and spoke with guests who felt a rumbling of thunder and believed the hotel had been hit.

No one was injured in the fire.  Authorities and fire fighters remained on the scene till approximately 2:00 PM Monday, putting out hot spots.

The office, pool areas and adjoining hotel rooms took the most damage.

No word is available as to reconstruction of the facility.

Businesses nearby including Al's Oasis, shops and the grocery store all remain open. There were no injuries reported.

The fire does not appear to be suspicious in nature. The final report may not be completed for several weeks.