Dark smoke could be seen billowing into the western Sioux Falls sky as sounds of exploding tanks echoed through the evacuated radius from a fire at A-OX Welding at 101 N. Harlem.  Sioux Falls Fire Rescue responded to the call at 5:06 PM on Thursday (May 17)

Sioux Falls Fire rescue says there were no injuries and the majority of the damage to the fire is on the outside of the building, where various storage tanks exploded one by one. The dark cloud of smoke was attributed to the flames coming from a fully loaded diesel truck that was burning next to the building, loaded and ready for deliveries the next day.

Initially an evacuation alert was issues for a one mile perimeter, however as the fire became more manageable, the evacuation of a half mile was sufficient.

The Red Cross opened up their doors nearby on West Avenue for anyone displaced due to the evacuation.

Crews made it inside the building and reported the sprinkler system engaged and continuing to disperse water.  Temperatures of the walls were taken inside and reported back on the police scanner.

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