One Sioux Falls family got a rude awakening very early this morning, according to a press release from Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and The City of Sioux Falls.

At 4:36 AM Sioux Falls Police and Sioux Falls Fire Rescue were called to a home in a manufactured housing community. The single-family home at 1000 Liberty Place was on fire

Apparently, a vehicle that had driven into the home caught fire, and when the car was completely enveloped in flames, the fire spread to the home.

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The fire in the home was quickly put out by Sioux Falls Firefighters who came in on four firetrucks.

The home was searched for family members who were all accounted for and safe, as was the driver of the vehicle. There were also no injuries amongst the first responders.

The home was damaged by the car crashing into it and the incident will continue to be under investigation.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue wants to remind people to-

Check the function of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue offers much more to the Sioux Falls community than putting out fires. They also offer education about where to place fire and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as CPR classes.

Every Saturday from 9 AM  to 11 AM at Fire Station Number 3, located at 2820 South Minnesota Avenue, you can have children's car seats installed or checked for correct installation.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue also allows people to ride along, or get a behind the scene look at a firefighter's day to give them a better understanding of how they are always preparing for that next call.

For more information on Sioux Falls Fire Rescue at their City of Sioux Falls website.

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