It may sound like something from the Syfy channel but it's happening in a Fargo, North Dakota neighborhood. Jackrabbits the size of dogs are invading backyards and parks devouring everything in their paths.

Resident Kayla Straabe told ABC News there is at least forty to fifty huge jackrabbits in her yard and nearby parks everyday, while others have reported closer to one hundred!

The scenes are unsettling as the unusually large rabbits have stare-downs with pets and have began hanging around the nearby children's park like a band of furry buck-toothed gang bangers.

They cute at first when a few appeared about two to three months ago. But now, they're frustrating. They've multiplied and they are now leaving their droppings everywhere and devouring trees and shrubs. - Fargo resident Kayla Strabbe

Someone had suggesting poisoning them, but she refuses to do that.

The problem has become so big that the city council suggested getting an ordinance together at the next committee meetings to get the ball rolling on finding a solution.

@12stubbe12 offers this post to the Fargo police:

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