If you listen to radio stations throughout the midwest this time of year, chances are you've heard a bull sale ad or two. It's the time of year that producers load up to head to auctions around the country looking to improve their herd by picking up a new sire for the herd.

When I saw the headline on my Facebook feed the other day I saw a headline that turned my head. Angus Bull Smashes World Record Prices Selling for 1.51 Million!

According to KSN News:

Schaff Angus Valley sold the bull for $1.51 million.

Herbster Angus Farms in Nebraska bought SAV America 8018. Charles Herbster chairs President Trump’s Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee.

“We knew we had something special, but at a public auction, you never know how much a bull will sell for. We ended up having two bidders who really wanted the bull, and the stars aligned,” a Schaff Angus Valley spokesperson said.

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So next time your listening to the radio and a bull sale comes on, know this. It could be another big sale. Real big sale!

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