The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the cancelation of Sioux Falls Prom activities in 2020. It looks like Sioux Falls Prom 2021 is off now too.

Carly Uthe-Leither with the Sioux Falls School district explained, "the Sioux Falls School District has made the difficult decision to not have a school-sponsored dance, rather, SFSD staff and administration are hosting a grand march and photo opportunity for seniors. We have worked hard to implement COVID-19 safety protocols all year and while this wasn’t an easy decision, it was the best decision for the health and safety of our students. The grand march event will allow students to have a fun and memorable experience with their classmates."

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Although Sioux Falls students won't have a prom dance there will however be a Grand March to give the senior high kids a chance to show off their prom apparel and have a photo opportunity.

The Grand March is scheduled for the seniors on April 24. All Sioux Falls High Schools will individually organize their school's event for the afternoon of April 24 and once that is over there will be no more prom activities.

Uthe-Leither also stated, "We have been made aware some parents and guardians may be planning non-school events following the grand march. We wish students and their families well and encourage everyone to be safe."

The Sioux Falls School District has posted a Covid-19 Resource Center on their website where they state that: “Our world has, indeed, changed with the caution required as the result of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. While research indicates there is a greater risk for adults than for children, public schools can only exist with highly-trained professionals leading instruction. The District firmly believes there is no substitute for in-person learning. However, if we are to continue our vital role in the social, civic, and economic foundation of this community, the District also believes it must act responsibly and plan for all potential scenarios. Education is key to success.”

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