So if this raptor and an adult T.rex were pitted against each other...which would win? Ideas?

Posted by The Palm Beach Museum of Natural History on Friday, October 30, 2015

Scientists recently discovered one of the largest raptors known to man in South Dakota. The remains are of a 66 million year-old, previously unknown raptor that's been named Dakotaraptor steini.

The partial skeleton was found in Harding County, South Dakota in the Hell Creek Formation. Hell Creek is a  fossil rich area of northwest South Dakota, southwest North Dakota and extending into Montana.

The find is said to represent one of the largest known dromaeosaurids, the scientific name for 'raptors’, which are close relatives of the first birds. It's estimated that Dakotaraptor stood about 16 feet tall, making it one of the largest raptors ever found. There is also evidence that Dakotaraptor had feathered arms, but wasn't able to fly.

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