If you know that there's no Dana only Zuul, than you have seen Ghostbusters as many times as I have. That makes this news extra exciting. According to Science Magazine, researchers have named a new dinosaur after the demon from the 1984 movie.

Zuul crurivastator, was an ankylosaur that lived about 75 million years-ago in what today is Montana. Ankylosaur were kind of like giant turtles with armor on their backs and a huge ball of bone on their tails. The Zuul ankylosaur is estimated to have been nearly 20 feet long and weigh about 2 and a half tons.

Researchers choose the name because the dino's well preserved fossilized skull bares a resemblance to the demon dog-like creature in the film. Zuul crurivastator  is loosely translated as “Zuul, destroyer of shins.”

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