Forbes is reporting a new study shows that the COVID-19 virus can live on frozen meat and fish. They introduced the coronavirus to chunks of frozen salmon, chicken, and pork. Then after 21 days, scientists found that the virus was still alive and infectious.

Forbes contributor Bruce Lee pointed out “finding genetic material on the surface of food is not the same as finding live replicating virus. This distinction is important because viruses are quite different than bacteria, they cannot survive on their own without a live host. Besides, having even enough virus is even more crucial to risk of infection. As a result, the potential for infectivity possessing a high enough viral load which is then capable of transmission to a person—after eating the particular food is quite remote.”

Needless to say, this virus is not something that is fully understood and we as a society need to continue to be responsible in the way we go about our daily activities.

As many Infectious Disease Specialists advise. Practice good hygiene, wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds or more, Social distance, and wear face-masks in public places.

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