At first glance, you might not notice it. But some people may not be happy with the naughty hidden message that is written on this Iowa man's graveside headstone.

If you are walking by Steven Owens's gravesite at Powers-Warren Cemetery in Runnells, Iowa you might notice a hidden message on his headstone.

Powers-Warren Cemetery-Google Maps
Powers-Warren Cemetery-Google Maps

Steve Owens was 59 years old when he died. According to the Wichita Eagle, his family hid a 'sassy' message on his headstone because he was a sassy kind of guy.

Steve Owens's headstone reads:

"Forever in our hearts
Until we meet again
Cherished memories
Known as
Our son, brother,
Father, Papa, Uncle,
Friend & cousin."

If you take the first letter of each line it spells out F*** OFF.

Wichita Eagle via Twitter
Wichita Eagle via Twitter

The Wichita Eagle is reporting that the cemetery managers did take issue with the language on the stone but unless they were willing to issue a court injunction the company that made the headstone was going to install it.

And they did.

Quote Steve Owens's daughter Lindsey, “It’s not anybody’s business. If you don’t like it, walk away.”

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