The things you learn by listening to the radio - even when you're on the radio.

I recently learned that every December 20 is National Caroling Day. I also just learned that if someone comes caroling at your door you're suppose to give them cookies.

I'm 55 years old and I'm just now learning this? I had no idea.

Beth was telling me this morning that's why you should always have Christmas cookies on hand in case someone (or a group of someones) come caroling at your door.

I remember going out as a child and caroling with the kids from the church youth group, but I don't ever remember getting cookies as part of the deal.

I suppose it could've happened. My memory isn't what it used to be.

Then again, I also grew up in an area where people would serve a dish of warm fish jello called lutefisk at Christmas.

If you've never had lutefisk, it's basically fish gone bad covered in butter.

So again, I suppose there's a chance I received a cookie once or twice while caroling.

So, should anyone come caroling at your door between now and Christmas, make sure you have come cookies to hand out. Otherwise they'll libel to soap your windows.

No, wait. That's Halloween and trick-or-treating.

It's so hard keeping track of all the holidays at my age.

Merry Christmas!

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