know it's subjective. I know you might disagree. I know, I know, I know. But I wanted to put down my top 10 Country Songs for 2017.

You might agree, and you might disagree. Either way, I'd love to hear what I left off and what I should have included. Here they are.

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    "Dirt On My Boots"

    John Pardi

    This one was a no brainer. It fits the area we live in and it's a cool love song, that's not really a love song. It's been crazy popular this year. Brian Dozier of the Minnesota Twins used it for his walk up music and I took LOTS of calls for it.

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    "Body Like a Back Road"

    Sam Hunt

    Some will argue it's level of Country. I argue that it's clever cool. From the lyric to the production to the way it sounds on a boat in the summer. Cutting Edge Cool. Get used to him. I think he's just scratching the surface.

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    "Hometown Girl"

    Josh Turner

    Turner will have a song on my list every year. My son Logan claims, and he's probably right, one of the best country singers, if not THE BEST in the industry. I wouldn't fight him to disagree. Awesome voice.

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    "Bar at the End of the World"

    Kenny Chesney

    Kenny, makes me happy. When I hear his music my belly feels good. It makes me wish I was on vacation. His music reminds me of vacations and trips to faraway places get together with friends I wish could last forever.

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    "Drinkin' Problem"


    Love the lyric, love the country vibe and want to personally thank them for bringing a drinkin' song back into the spotlight. Something Country Music usually hammers on. (Pun intended) Now we just got a good, she's leaving and the dog died song!

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    "They Don't Know"

    Jason Aldean

    Nobody puts a cry in their voice like Aldean. I love the song and how he can weave country living and country pride into a song. He gets it and it's songs like this that help him fill venues. I can't wait to hear him sing about his new baby Memphis. That should be golden for 10 years or so.

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    "Do I Make You Wanna"

    Billy Currington

    I like the guys voice. And he does songs that take me there. Songs that put my back in situations or places. ( I would like to ask his producer what compelled them to leave the left channel 2-3 db lower than the right.) Look at it digitally and you'll see what I mean. Regardless, it worked for me.

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    "More Girls Like You"

    Kip Moore

    This song wouldn't go away. The first 30 times I heard it, I didn't get it. Then I listened to Bobby Bones interview him on his Bobby Cast and it started making sense to me, how Kip hears his songs one instrument or riff at a time as he's writing and recording. He too has a unique and cool voice. And chicks dig him too.

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    "Written in Sand"

    Old Dominion

    This song is the bomb! The lyric is boss. If you are looking for a mate, or have been with one for nearly 35 years, it resonates. They are clever and crafty. Anything they put out shows a level of thinking and pride. 

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    "Heartache On The Dance Floor"

    Jon Pardi

    I didn't get this song when I first heard it. I thought it was trite and corny. Then, like so many songs, I saw other people enjoying them so I wondered what it was that was hitting them. Late summer I too became a believer in it. I've never got tired of playing it and love to see it coming up on the list.

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    "Marry Me"

    Thomas Rhett

    I know. It's early, but this song is special. Unless you are totally blessed as being a perfect guy who's never had his butt fried, you can't listen to this song and not relate. You're sitting there watching her head off in a different direction. This song is killer, both men and women will identify with it. (Good news, you'll  thank God that he got her when you find her!)

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    "Round Here Buzz"

    Eric Church

    It wasn't even close. I LOVE this song!  It's not a fast song, but it's by far my favorite of the year. Every time it plays I turn it up. Two for one till two tonight. It sounds great on the radio and even better in headphones or earbuds. There's something about a downer song, that makes me feel good. This one does it for me every time!  BEST SONG OF THE YEAR!

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