If you have ever been inside an old house with a bat screeching through the rooms you will understand this story. You have never seen the true identity of your friends and family until you have seen them running away from a swooping bat.

Today is International Bat Day, and we could probably post a bunch of bat fun facts on their habits and benefits to the world. Instead of highlighting the great traits bats have to offer I would like to highlight the fact they are insanely creepy.

Spiders, snakes, rats, and mice may be scary, but at least they can't fly like bat's.

I grew up in a old house that had bats in the attic, and I had a bat living in the garage of my newer house. I have also been at a house party or two when a bat decided: "snacks and dancing sounds like fun I will fly down and see what everyone's up to."

Now we all know we should never harm mother nature and this disclaimer can cool the keyboards of all bat advocates.

Just for make believe scenario sake and a What If's type of game let's play Choose Your Weapon Wisely.

Here is your scenario: A bat flies down the chimney and has taken to the air making the rounds, what do you choose as your weapon to bring him down?

  1. Baseball Bat: A bat to take on a bat is a bad pick, unless your major league material. You will more than likely connect with a vase or innocent bystander's face before the bat.
  2. Tennis Racket: This is a much better choice. No wind resistance with this one and a good surface to work with ace.
  3. Frying Pan: Good surface area but the awkwardness of the weight and the handle make it hard to handle.
  4. Pillow Case: I've seen it used, and wouldn't recommend it. The catch and release mentality is sweet, but unless you speak bat he wont get the message he's suppose to fly in the pillow case. But if you are looking for a good laugh give this weapon to the person most afraid of bats.
  5. Bed Sheet: Great choice Jedi. This catch and release idea will work, but might take two people running the sheet. You can cover a lot of space with this weapon of champions as well.
  6. Cookie Sheet: This is not a bad choice but is not the best. You have the ability to cover more space, but the width of the pan causes a lot of air drag and timing is tough with this one.
  7. Befriend the Bat: This will be the best option for you conscience. You send an invitation up the attic and invite the bat to join you and your family for an evening of Cribbage and cocktails. Come on it is International Bat Day lets give it a try. Happy Bat Day.

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