I had it this morning. I woke up and listened to The Bobby Bones Show early this morning on the K-I-K-N app. I walked the dog, headed to the gym, when I discovered that my phone was nowhere to be found.

Like many people around the world I have a love hate relationship with my phone, (Samsung Galaxy that I use courtesy of Sprint in Sioux Falls) I love it, I need it for work but sometimes I feel like I'm too reliant on it.

I looked in the couch cushions. It's always there isn't it? I looked in the bathroom three times. I looked in the recliner cushions just because and I looked in my car 4 times. You know that place right there between the seats it can hide like a hunter wearing camouflage.

It was gone. I couldn't find it. So I did what most people do, tried to retrace my steps. I got up. Ate breakfast, no it's not by the toaster, got dressed and went to the gym. But wait, I didn't have it at the gym. Now it was starting to bother me. I called it on our station phone we use for remotes, and it buzzed my Fitbit watch, so I KNEW IT WAS CLOSE!

We went to church at St. Mary's on Saturday so I had shut off the ringer. I knew it was in the vicinity, but I did not no where it was. So, I took a shower. I do my best thinking in the shower. Then it occurred to me, that I picked up some dog poop before I came in with Molly the Black Lab after our walk. I put on a pair of shorts and peered out the living room window and low and behold there it was resting comfortably in the frozen tundra in front of our house.

How about you. Where's the most unusual place you've misplaced your leash? I mean your cell phone. I'd love to know. Let me know in our Facebook comments or you can email me anytime at jdcollins@kikn.com.

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