This past weekend we hosted our granddaughter, Harper and Sunday morning we decided that she might enjoy a trip to The Great Plains Zoo here in Sioux Falls. She did! Well, sort of.

It was just me and Harper. That's right, me and a 3 year old at the zoo. I was a bit stressed out, because Harper has the attention span of, well she has no attention span. At all. She did enjoy the playground and socializing with kids she had never met. She also loved the merry go round and electric car in the museum.  As for the animals, well that's probably why you get a membership for the zoo. So you can go back and back again. That's probably why you get that season pass for the merry go round too.  I've decided that would be the correct way to go. As the kids get older, they'll get more interested in the animals.


By the way, I enjoyed the Snow Monkeys and the new Brown Bear exhibit is pretty awesome. Whereas I enjoyed the zoo part of the zoo, Harper liked some of the other things, like the merry go round a bit better. She liked talking about it later though, so we'll be back.

How about you? Have you been to The Great Plains Zoo? Have you taken young children? Let me know about your experience. I'd love to hear about it. You can contact me via email at


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