Game 2 of the World Series took place in Houston on Wednesday night, but over 1,000 miles away in South Dakota we had a moment in my house that was as good as anything that happened on the field.

As a huge Braves fan, we had some fun in Game 1 celebrating a win and watching the game as a family, but two of my kids followed up the memories from Game 1 with a moment I will never forget.

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It was one of the coolest moments I've experienced so far as a proud Dad.

I think what was the neatest part is no one told them to stand for the anthem and I don't think my youngest has ever been to a game yet where he's seen the anthem.

I'm sure there will be plenty of other moments where I stumble upon my kids being great brothers and great dudes, but this moment will always be up near the top.

Hopefully, you all enjoy the rest of the World Series.

For more information on the World Series, the rosters, and the upcoming schedule of games, you can visit MLB's website.


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