The Minnesota Twins organization is currently on ice from an ongoing Major League Baseball lockout that doesn't seem to have a light at the end of the tunnel.

While the Twins will get back to the business of baseball once the lockout ends, they will have plenty to accomplish in free agency and spring training in order to improve from a dismal campaign in 2021.

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The Minnesota Twins were picked to win the American League Central by many analysts but after a slow start in April, they compounded their problems in May and never got back in the race.

In an offseason that was so important in figuring out a new path, Minnesota had to halt the pursuit of free agents like all MLB teams once the lockout began in December.

Now they wait, like all teams do, in order to try and get ready as quickly as possible for a 2022 season.

So once that 2022 MLB season is upon us, what are the odds that the Minnesota Twins win a World Series?

Currently, according to Fan Duel Sportsbook, the Minnesota Twins are +6500 to win the 2022 World Series, meaning if you bet $100 and the Twins won the World Series, you would receive a payout of $6500.

Clearly, they are a long shot, but if you were to go back to as recently as August of 2021 when the Atlanta Braves were under .500, no one thought they would run off an improbable run to the World Series title later that Fall.

It is going to be fascinating to see the mad rush from all teams to fill out their rosters once the lockout ends and we'll have to wait and see how Minnesota does on the field once the 2022 season gets underway.


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