I remember when I was younger, and I would hear an older person say that the weather made their body hurt, I thought they were crazy.

Well, guess what now I'm that older person and apparently I'm crazy.

In college I broke my left foot tripping over an uneven sidewalk. Dumb. I know.

Anyway, ever since then, every once in awhile, when the weather changes, my foot will ache. I was even limping this morning.

I did a little google research to find out if this is all in my head or if there is an actual reason that weather messes with old injuries.

A Mental Floss article from 2012 explains:

The typical explanation for bad-weather-related aches is that the drop in barometric pressure that comes with a storm causes soft tissue and fluid around joints to expand, irritating nerves and causing pain, especially at the sensitized site of an arthritic joint or an old injury.

An article on weather.com said pretty much the same thing.

However, some real big sciencey types dispute that.

Ya know what, I'm not an expert, but it started raining, and my foot hurts. So, I'm gonna go with the barometric pressure argument. Makes sense to me!

P.S. When did I get old enough to ache?

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