As an early Christmas present, I got to go to the Halloween Sunday Night Football game! The game was in Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium and the Dallas Cowboys were taking on the Minnesota Vikings!

I was there rooting for the Cowboys! Going in, I was a bit apprehensive about being at a Cowboys game in Minnesota. Would I get beer thrown at me? Only time would tell.

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Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I was in good company, there were a lot of Cowboys fans in attendance. I would say some of the Cowboys fan cheers were just as loud as the Vikings.

Our seats were in the nosebleeds and I had a hard time with the height at first. I'm not a fan of Ferris wheels and I had the same anxious feeling sitting in my seat at the stadium as I do on a Ferris wheel. I felt like if I moved, I would tip us all over. I eventually acclimated, but it wasn't my favorite.

Being there for the opposing team was kind of a bummer when it came to the pomp and circumstance before the game. All the cheering and traditions and montages on the screen weren't for my team. I wanted to feel like a part of the experience, but I wasn't.

Also, just as I've been to many concerts where my favorite band didn't play my favorite song, the Cowboys star quarterback, Dak Prescott, did not play in this game. Of course.

The first half of the game was, dare I say, kind of boring. Seeing as how it was my first NFL game I didn't want to get up too much because I didn't want to miss anything. After the Hall of Fame induction ceremony during halftime, I decided to go to the bathroom and get another beverage. And of course, the line was pretty long, so when the third quarter started and the Cowboys had a 76-yard touchdown I watched it on a small screen out in the beer line. However, Cowboys fans in line with me were celebrating so I wasn't alone.

Also, it was fun to see a huge line for the men's bathroom and not the women's for a change.

While I did enjoy myself and had fun, I'm not sure I'm a total convert to NFL games in person. I found myself distracted by all the people watching and even though I was there live I kept watching the jumbotrons instead of the actual players!

It was fun to see the Cowboys come back in the end! Very exciting last few minutes! Amari Cooper had some major moments towards the end. He had an amazing catch that bounced off of a Viking and he bobbled it, then caught it! Amazing!

While I was disappointed to not see Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush pulled out a win, so I guess he's ok.

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