Can you imagine working inside the wall of the former Dayton's building in downtown Minneapolis when you see a strange object inside some old duct work, take a closer look at realize you're seeing a mummified monkey?

That's exactly what happened to a construction worker who is revamping part of the iconic building in the Nicolette Mall area.

The story first surface on the Facebook page "Old Minneapolis."

The people who run the Facebook page claim that the old Dayton's Department Store had a pet store years ago.  At an employee reunion recently a main claimed that a monkey for sale in the pet store actually disappeared back in the 1950's.

Another person came forward to say he and a friend stole a monkey from the pet store, later returning it.

According to a comment on the "Old Minneapolis" Facebook page: "the mayor of the Minneapolis suburb of Robbinsdale, Regan Murphy, has come forward with his story of how, in the early 1960s, his then-teenaged father and a friend absconded with a monkey from the downtown Dayton's, only to, within a day or two, "return" the animal to Dayton' releasing it in the department store and making their quick getaway."

So the mystery appears to be solved.  The question is, if you could look behind the walls of the old Shriver's square building downtown, The Carpenter Hotel or the State Theatre, in Sioux Falls, what would be hiding there?

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