I'm kind of wondering what kind of trouble this could get me into. After all, how many people have a job where they can mix yard work with work-work. I'm going to try today.

One of the things we do for the KIKN website is make videos. Now, this isn't some instructional video that you'll find on YouTube showing people how to do something, it's just me mowing my lawn and wondering out loud.

I bought this Toro Mower from my friend Steve 11 years ago. I think I paid $50 or $75. Now, Al and Carol live down the street. I have to recognize Al, because Al put some time and love into this old war horse last summer. So, the burning question of the day is, how many pulls will it take to start this bad boy. Well, let's take a look!

By the way I just checked out Toro's Facebook Page. I like their slug line. Toro. Count On It!

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