We have all done it at one time in our lives: blowing grass clippings on the road. No big deal right? After all, it'll eventually get swept away by traffic, wind, and rain. Sure, but have you ever thought about the threat it poses to motorcyclists? Grass clippings can create a slick surface on the roadway for motorcycles - and bicycles alike.

Is blowing grass clipping on the road even legal? it's difficult to find a direct answer on that for South Dakota but it is illegal to dump anything on a roadway that would create a traffic hazard. With that in mind, it would be a good idea to sweep them up after mowing - especially if that mower chute is blowing grass on the road.

There are a lot of legal questions that come into play but I would be mortified if a motorcyclist wiped out on the street in front of my house because of grass clippings. Would the homeowner be held responsible? In many states, yes. Kentucky is one of the first states where lawmakers are going to bat to make it illegal to discharge grass onto a roadway due to the risk to cyclists.

The big picture? If your grass clippings cause an accident, you could be sued civilly, so it's wise to take a few extra minutes to sweep up the clippings. Your fellow motorcyclists - like -me - thank you.

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