So your sitting there bored at work, staring at the computer screen or hoping that the boss doesn't catch you on Facebook.  You start wondering, I wonder what song has made 'the most money ever?'  If your looking at that retro look of Jimmy Buffet your on course for being correct.

I ran across an article today and it said there's really no contest. The song that's made the most and makes the most...Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. According to

The song has been branded into Margaritaville Enterprises, a trademark and intellectual property that markets beachwear, blenders and island resorts, raking in roughly $100 million per year. That makes the song that started it all more profitable than "Happy Birthday."

The article went on to say, guess we should look on the bright side: At least it wasn't Smash Mouth's "All Star."

I've watched the video several times wondering if Johnny Carson ever though Jimmy would ever turn a song like that, into a mountain of cash.


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