Little Big Town's Girl Crush was a catchy song that lit up radio stations request lines.

Weird Al made parody songs an art form, and now anytime a song makes it big we can just sit back and wait for someone to sample it.

The formula for a good parody is to take a catchy song that gets stuck in your head, and then swap out some funny lyrics people can relate with. Enter This Is Momming on YouTube with "Mom Crush."

Moms around the world can relate to the comparison trap.

Looking at the lives of others, and wonder how do they have it so much more together than we do.

Enter social media.

Social media has done wonders for plenty of things including increasing how we compare ourselves to others.

If your active on any social media platform, and your a mom, watch the video above and see if you can relate.

And after you watch the video take a deep breath in, and appreciate who you are.

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