This is the story about 'Molly the Grub Sniffing Dog.'  While law enforcement agencies have 'drug sniffing dogs,' Molly lets me know when it's time to 'save my lawn.'

There's a reason Molly is a quiet hero today.  I asked Darren Hefty from Hefty Seed Company what she could possibly be after.  It was grubs.

By the way, for a nominal fee I could bring Molly to your house to see if you have grubs.  If it's early morning or late afternoon, she could probably help out with fertilization too.!

The other night, we were up talking to Carol our neighbor...she said, 'Molly, quite digging in my lawn.'  She was trying to tell Carol, 'Get some Grub Stuff Down!'

Note to Mayor Mike and the crews at the Parks Department, 'Molly says you need to treat grubs around the outside of your baseball fields.'  (And no, I did not have her inspect the actual fields)

That's it for now.  Over and out.  Investigative reporter, JD Collins.  Credit Black Lab Molly

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