Could a printing mistake have led to a huge payday for an Iowa man? Josh Buster, from the southeast Iowa town of West Burlington, thinks so.

Buster asked a convenience store clerk for five easy-pick plays for April 17, 2022, Mega Millions drawing. Buster told lottery officials that the clerk initially printed only one play on a ticket. He then asked for four more plays on a separate ticket.

Buster said, "I feel like that changed the numbers that I would have gotten if he had put them all on one instead of making that mistake."

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That 'mistake' paid out a $1 million prize for Buster, who works as a prep chef at a local restaurant.

Buster checked the numbers on Saturday morning while he was getting ready for work. "I always keep my tickets in the console of my car. And I scanned it in the car and freaked out and ran back inside," Buster said.

Buster said he likely will use some of his winnings to pay off his car and the mortgage on his mother's house, then he will put the rest away for retirement. "It will take away a lot of my stress in my life -- no more of the financial worries," he said.

Buster missed Friday's $20 million jackpot by only one number. He will take home $710,000 after federal and state taxes.

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