You'd be hard-pressed to find a person living in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes who hasn't used this slang.

According to a recent study published by Best Life Online, Minnesotans say one term, in particular, that even outsiders associate with the state.

Best Life looked at each of the 50 U.S. states and listed the most-used slang words for them all. For some, like South Dakota, it's a rather obscure word like "cattywampus". However, Minnesota's most used slang term is something people all over the country think of when they attempt to stereotype the state.

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So, what is the most used slang term in Minnesota?

Credit: Luke Peterson via Unsplash
Credit: Luke Peterson via Unsplash

According to Best Life Online, the most-used slang word in Minnesota is YOU BETCHA! Surprised? Probably not, right? Here's what Urban Dictionary had to say about the state's favorite slang:

Minnesotan phrase that can be translated into the following...
1- "Yes"
2- "I agree"
3- "You sound like you know more then I do"
4- "You're wrong, but I'll make you feel better about it"
5- "If not more"
6- "Damn Wisconsin Packer Cheeseheads"
7- "You're annoying"
-Urban Dictionary

What about Minnesota's neighbors? Well, for Iowa, the most used slang is "Pork Queen". In South Dakota, it's "Cattywampus", and in Wisconsin, it's another word Minnesotans can relate to, "Ope".

To see the complete list of the most-used slang words in each state, check out the article from Best Life Online.

Story Source: Best Life Online

Story Source: Urban Dictionary

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