You've probably heard the phrase "Minnesota nice" to describe the generally friendly people in the land of ten thousand lakes. So South Dakota has to be in the same level of niceness, right? After looking at this list all I could say was "Ope!"

Zippia ranked all fifty states from the rudest to the most polite. This was based on four factors: the percentage of drivers who are rude, average tips given, amount of cursing at customer service agents, and how rude the people in the rest of the country think a given state is.

Based on all of those factors, Rhode Island is the rudest state in the country. Other east coast states make up the rest of the top four, Massachusetts, Virginia, and New York. They are followed by California and Washington on the west coast. Then New Jersey comes in at seven, followed by Utah, Illinois, and Ohio to round out the top ten.

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The most polite states in the country are Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, Vermont, Kentucky, South Carolina, Minnesota (you betcha), Louisiana, Maine, and Delaware.

So if Minnesota is in the top ten of nice states, surely South Dakota has to be in there, right? Uh, sorry, no.

South Dakota ranked as the fifteenth rudest state in the country.

Yeah, 27 places below Minnesota, and 23 places behind Nebraska. Iowa on the other hand was only five spots behind South Dakota in the rude department.

So how can this be? My theory is that since "percentage of rude drivers" is one of the four factors, South Dakota and Iowa never stood a chance at being in the top twenty.

Embrace the zipper merge, people!

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Source: Zippia


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