Our pet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's name is Percy. So when I saw this story it really caught my attention.

Percy the cat rides 2nd seat in Paul Robertson's big rig. The 57-year-old Robertson is an over the road trucker from St. Paul, Minnesota.

On a recent run, Paul was at a rest stop in Ohio where he was trying to sleep off a bout of food poisoning. While he was resting his cat Percy apparently used the power window button and rolled it down. When Robertson woke up he discovered Percy was gone.

He frantically searched throughout the truck stop to find his friend, but was unable to locate the cat. Lost for what to do, Robertson posted his situation along with a map of his location on Facebook.

His Facebook friends posted support, called local shelters, and shared his sense of loss.  After 24 hours of waiting for Percy to return to the semi, Robertson had to get back on the road and deliver his load.

About 400 miles down the road he arrived in Shoals, Indiana. When he stepped down from the truck he saw what he thought was a stray cat. It was Percy!

Talk about your happen endings! The cat had clung to the bottom of Roberson's semi trailer for that whole rainy, snowy, long trip only to jump down and be reunited with his best friend.

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