There's an old adage that says something like "with age comes wisdom." True? False? Well, you can debate that while I tell you something about Millennials.

Millennials (in this case, defined as those young folks between 18 and 29 years old) aren't thinking a whole lot about health care. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey nearly half said nope, they didn't have a go-to primary care doctor. The question, of course, is why?

Part of the reason is apparently a same day telehealth appointment with a stranger is more convenient than a long-standing relationship with a doctor who may not be available at the click of a button.

I think maybe another reason is when you're in that age group, you think you're bullet-proof. As you get older (like me) you start to realize that isn't the case.

But one thing millennials do like are the payday loans.

A recent survey by CNBC says the millennials (in this case, those aged 22-37 years old) are turning to the short-term-high-interest loans a lot more than us older folks. 13% of the millennials have trekked to a payday loan place because they needed cash... and needed it now! That despite an average of nearly 400% APR.

So in a nutshell, it looks like to me that millennials are thinking they're not going to get sick by Friday, but they do need to cold hard cash by then.

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