Depending on who you ask, 'millennials' are somewhere between 27 and 41 years old, or is it 25 to 44?.

While that age range is open to debate, there is no denying that they comprise one of the key demographics driving the economy across the country.

But not every state is 'millennial friendly' when it comes to income.

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Get our free mobile app has ranked the places in America where incomes are the best for the millennial crowd.

When adjusted using the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ regional price parity calculations, South Dakota's $70,989 is actually the eighth-best in America.


  1. Massachusetts – $80,307
  2. Minnesota - $77,090
  3. North Dakota - $76,836
  4. Maryland - $74,737
  5. New Hampshire – $73,941
  6. Wyoming – $73,345
  7. Virginia – $71,397
  8. South Dakota – $70,989
  9. Washington – $70,441
  10. California – $62,873

And while $70k is nothing to sneeze at, it's a far cry from what it takes to be considered 'well to do' in South Dakota terms.

Wealth Gang says that in order to land in the top five percent of incomes in the Mount Rushmore State, you'd need to more than double that to $190,156.

By the way, the worst state for millennials is New Mexico with an adjusted income of just $51,893.

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