Bobby Bones Show's Scam Alert time!!  Wednesday morning (October 24) some of the show members shared some recent scams that almost got them.

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Mike D got an email thanking him for a payment with an invoice attached. The invoice was for $300 with a receipt payment. He didn’t purchase anything for that amount of money and started thinking about canceling the charge. Then he realized there was no company name with the attachment, and it came from a sketchy Hotmail email address. It just gave him a number to call if he had any questions. He looked into it and what they want you to do is call the number and dispute the charge. They will say it will be no problem to refund the charge, just give them your credit card number. And that’s how they scam you by taking your info.

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Lunchbox almost got scammed by someone messaging him saying their flight didn’t get in until 6:30 and they might be a little late. His wife thought someone sent it to the wrong number and she didn’t want them to be stranded at the airport, so she replied they had the wrong number. They then said they seemed like a nice person and should meet up and realized it was a scam. If you get a text like that it’s best to not respond.

Amy had a situation like that happen on her daughter's phone. Amy baited them along and even after they revealed she was a teenager they asked where her parents were and for a picture. The company will sometimes send fake e-mails to prevent phishing scams and Lunchbox fell for one recently. He got an email saying he violated the company’s website policy, meaning he looked at some risky websites, which he said were for work purposes. He soon realized they all got the e-mail, and it was the company testing them.

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