Prom is a special time for many high schoolers, and finding the right dress can be key. One midwest prom-goer is getting a very special dress made by her mother.

According to KCCI, Omaha mom Liz Keyes made a unique prom dress for her daughter Ellie Bowen-Keyes. Because of last year's pandemic, Bowen-Keyes didn't get to go to prom. Now that she's a senior, this year's event will be her first and last. With it being a special year, the senior wanted a special dress.

Luckily, Keyes had an extra special fabric. On that's been in the family for a long time. When Liz was a child, her father worked in Thailand and would send back jewelry, dolls, and sometimes fabric because her mother sews. Keyes' mom (Bowen-Keyes grandmother) never used the fabric so it sat for over 50 years. Ellie really liked the fabric and since Liz had regularly made Ellie's dresses, they decided to craft the gown from the antique fabric.

KCCI reports that Keyes was working on the dress, making adjustments up until the last minute. On the morning of prom, the dress was ready to go. As you can see, it turned out beautifully. Ellie is pictured below in the peach-colored gown.

A special dress, for a special night. A beautifully crafted piece with wonderful memories surrounding it to last for generations.

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