More information is starting to come out regarding the death of the Hartford, South Dakota real estate agent that was fatally shot while driving with her two children last December on a stretch of interstate in Missouri.

KSFY TV is reporting, that the sister of Melissa Peskey now says she was talking with her sister on the phone at the time she was shot.

The incident occurred during the late evening hours of Thursday, (December 13) 2018, along a rural portion of I-70 near Boonville, Missouri.

According to KSFY, during an interview done with NBC's "Dateline," Peskey's sister, Kara Renken said, that Melissa was talking about a vehicle that was swerving all over the road and a semi that had gone into the ditch before she went silent two or three minutes into their conversation.

The KSFY report states that authorities claim Peskey was struck and killed by a bullet fired from outside her car. The incident caused the vehicle she was driving to crash. With her inside the car at the time of the shooting, were here two children. They were not seriously hurt as a result of the crash.

Peskey was on her way to visit a friend in South Carolina at the time of her death.

Source: KSFY TV

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