Every show needs an amazing opener. We had the recent opportunity to meet the performer that is set to open the '4-20 Tour' here in Sioux Falls, leading off for Snoop Dogg and Koe Wetzel.

Justin Champagne of Louisiana is an up-and-coming country rap artist that has built quite a following in a very short time.

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He describes his ascending career and his start:

Champagne has garnered over 50 million streams on Spotify, and over 40 million views on his YouTube channel. As far as the duo he's opening for, Champagne says the pairing will draw a wide audience:

Country Rap Insiders' 2021 Emerging Artist of the Year Justin Champagne will be in Sioux Falls for the first time opening for Snoop Dogg and Koe Wetzel on Tuesday Night at 7:30. Tickets are still available for the show at the Denny Sanford Premier Center.

Here's how Champagne describes his unique style:

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For those looking for a primer or a preview of what you'll see in person next week in Sioux Falls, here's the best way to find and listen to Champagne's music:

Here's his Facebook page. Lastly, now that Champagne has landed his first major tour with Snoop Dogg and Koe Wetzel, who's an artist that is on Justin's shortlist to play with in the future?

We'll save a spot on the calendar for that one when it comes through town. Justin Champagne opens the concert here in Sioux Falls for the "4-20 Tour" featuring Snoop Dogg and Koe Wetzel.

For more information and for tickets, visit The Denny Sanford Premier Center's Official Site.



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Recently I discovered (I mean wasted a lot of time on) a website that is an archive of clues that have been on Jeopardy!.

While digging around the archive, I wanted to find out how often Sioux Falls came up in a question (Answer) on the show. Since 1990 Sioux Falls has been part of a question or an answer 13 times.

Source: j-archive.com

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