I've always been impressed with people who can see something and put it to paper, writers, and artists alike. Then there are people who can take something they see and morph it into something with seemingly everyday items. John Lopez of Lemmon, South Dakota is doing just that in the northwest part of our state.

If you don't know someone there, chances are you're not going to go there. When you look at some of the artwork of John Lopez you might be changing your mind.

I spoke with Lopez and he gave me permission to show some of his artwork. If you've been to Rapid City and have seen some of the artists that line the city's downtown you have probably seen some of his work. He did several of those pieces.

I asked Lopez why he chose Lemmon, South Dakota. He mentioned that his Dad was getting older and he wanted to be closer. He moved to Lemmon, and his Dad moved in and lived with Lopez until he passed away. His mom is still around and helps him run his gallery which is an important part of Mainstreet in Lemmon, SD.

Artists from around the world know who Lopez is. He's sold artwork to buyers here in the United States as well as far off places like Katar and France.

Some of John Lopez's Works

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