Yes, this could be the youngest organized bands in Sioux Falls!  Have you heard about The Melley Brothers Band? If you haven't, check this out! Thanks to Peter Melley Sr. we are telling you a little more about them! They'll be performing in a Battle of the Bands coming up in a week and they would love it if you came out to support them!

Peter, age-11,  5th grade,  rhythm guitar, lead vocals, recorder, keyboard
Matthew, age-10, 4th grade  lead guitar, lead vocals
Patrick, age-9, 3rd grade   bass guitar
Daniel, age-7, 1st grade    percussion (i.e. drums, bongos, hand held percussion)

I told you they were young!  But it's pretty cool. When most kids are playing video games these kids are spending time learning to play instruments and singing! Here's more on the band called Natural Disaster!

Instructor: Dave Vanderlinde, Instructor at Sioux Falls University & DAPA
Members of Dakota Association of Performing Arts (DAPA) at the Washington Pavilion

The boy's (Peter/Matthew/Patrick) have been playing as a trio for the past 3.5 years. Daniel wanted to join about 2 years ago but do to his size and age the 3/4 size guitar was not happening.  End of the 2012 summer we searched for a new instructor willing to work with everyone and that search lead us to Dave Vanderlinde. The Melley Brother's Band has been in its current configuration for almost 1.5 years.

The boy's use both acoustic (6 string and bass) and electric guitars interchangeably.  Daniel also trains on both bongos and the full drum set.

I think it's pretty cool. Having grown up watching The Partridge Family, let me be the first to never know! They've already played a ton of gigs. By the time they hit junior high they'll be seasoned veterans!

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They'll be playing The Battle of the Bands February 22nd at Asbury Methodist Church. I'm guessing they'll be the youngest band there!